Justin Hadjilambris

Justin Hadjilambris studied Economics and International Relations at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and also completed an MBA focused in Sustainable Energy and Finance, with a thesis subject on: “The Geopolitical Petroleum Effect and Other Dynamics Affecting Energy Price, and Their Influence on SME’s Operating in the Republic of Cyprus”. Justin is a senior project manager and does marketing and strategy at EY in Cyprus. Has lead numerous Grass Roots projects to highlight human rights, promote peace and growth among refugee boys in a local orphanage. He has been a strong supporter and advocate for gender parity through programs geared towards educating young unemployed female university graduates. As a Rotaract affiliate, Justin currently serves as the President of Rotaract Europe (ERIC MDIO), leading representatives of more than 115 districts in 47 countries, and representing 24,000 Rotaractors. The MDIO’s vision for this year is to promote Rotary and Rotaract collaboration and a Pan European social agenda, which focuses on improving health, supporting the green economy, education, and promoting peace.

Email: Justin.Hadjilambris@cy.ey.com