Pieris Chourides

Dr. Pieris Chourides is Head of Internal Processes and Quality at European University Cyprus, he is a multinational-awarded [Global Award on Business Excellence from the Multinational Alliance for the Advancement of Organisational Excellence (MAAOE)], research activities and interest involve and focus of developing best practice in Knowledge Management (KM). His research involves the development of sophistication scale, people portfolio matrix, knowledge adaptability matrix, knowledge management intelligent system, knowledge transfer model, and performance measurement. His research also investigates into the fields of Strategic Management, Velocity Theory, Real Quality and the impact of KM appears to have on gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. He is an Award Assessor of the EFQM. He is also on the editorial panel, (referee), for the Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, (EJKM). His international teaching experience embraces high profile positions in United Kingdom and Swiss Universities. Dr Chourides is also incorporate in business, by remained in a Board of Director’s positions in companies both in Cyprus and United Kingdom in tourist/hospitality and retail sectors.
Email: p.chourides@euc.ac.cy
Phone: +357 22 713 249